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How to Debug Apps in the Cloud

Whether you’re working on new features or debugging issues, hunting for the right device and configuring environments wastes precious time. What if there was a way to get hassle-free access to the widest variety of mobile devices and web browsers right from your IDE?

In this 20-minute webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Validate your app across multiple form factors
  • Debug code on cloud-based devices right from your IDE
  • Quickly narrow in on the details of app and test failures

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Date & Time: Thursday, March 30th | 11am ET
*Can't attend? No problem! Register to receive the recording and slides.
Format: Demo & QA
Duration: 20 minutes (10-minute demo, 10-minute Q&A Session)

Want to stop hunting for the right devices and just get back to writing code? Then join us as we take a fresh look at how to spend less time putting out fires in production, respond quickly to new platform challenges, and reclaim our time for more feature work!

Guest Speaker:
Roy Nuriel
Director of Product Management

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