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Achieve Digital Test Coverage Index

This index combines data from 4,000+ device profiles, industry and App Annie™ mobile market usage data, and proprietary Perfecto analysis to help you determine the best test coverage for your target customers.

Learn which devices and browsers will have the best test coverage in your region, the top apps in your country, the most significant players joining the mobile space in 2017,  key device launches and much, much more! 

Take control of your digital experience.

App Annie Ranking Data
Understand what apps your customers are using and perform real-user condition testing.
Device, OS and Browser Trends
Create a comprehensive test strategy that focuses on the most relevant digital platforms.
Data Insights for 14 Countries
Get current market usage data and trends about the top devices, web browsers and OSs.

Bonus! Mobile & Web Browser Release: 2017 Calendar

Predicting the mobile and web browser market doesn’t have to be hard! Plan ahead your test lab and be the first to know which platform, operating system version and devices to test on.

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