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How to Create the Right Mobile & Web Test Strategy

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Wednesday, September 7th - 2:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT
Almost every mobile team struggles with which platforms, devices, and user conditions to test when there are constantly new technologies coming to market. You can stop the test-coverage guesswork by incorporating a data-driven coverage approach.

This web seminar will show you how to develop a comprehensive test coverage strategy using industry data, benchmarks, geography, device statistics, and app ratings. You will learn how to ensure your app or website performs well and provides a better user experience, even in unpredictable environments.

Attend this event to learn how to:

  • Develop a test coverage plan that reflects your actual users
  • Factor in regional differences worldwide
  • Test user conditions like common background apps, network conditions, and location
  • Stay ahead of the market by testing on new devices, operating systems, and browsers
Guest Speakers

Eran Kinsbruner
Director, Technical Evangelist

A Data-Driven Approach to Testing the Right Devices, Platforms, and User Conditions

Eran Kinsbruner
Director, Technical Evangelist

Amir Ghodrati
Senior Manager of Marketing Insights
App Annie
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