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As testing shifts left, most organizations begin by focusing on continuous integration and continuous delivery, but too often they neglect the critical practice of continuous testing (CT). Continuous testing can reduce risk, improve response time to competitive and market events, and shorten time to deliver value to customers.

A successful CT implementation includes the right test automation framework for your unique environment and the ability to ensure your test code is always in sync with the product and product documentation, as well as metrics, measurement, and timely communications to keep you on track.

Join this web seminar to explore the essential components of a successful continuous testing environment.

You will learn about these five crucial elements:
  • Framework: Open source, commercial, or a combination? Learn the pros and cons, and determine which test framework is right for you
  • Testing: Get a how-to guide for deciding which tests to automate and when to run them
  • Coding: Hear best practices for developing test automation code the right way to save time and reduce flakiness
  • Measurement: Identify KPIs that matter
  • Fast Feedback: Ensure the best possible mean time to resolution (MTTR)

Format: Presentation and Demo
Duration: 1 hour


Eran Kinsbruner
Director, Lead Evangelist
Tzvika Shahaf
Senior Director, Product Marketing
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