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RTDD enables the entire product team to collaborate and make data-driven decisions in real time, resulting in test scenarios and test suites that are structured and easy to manage.

Watch this on-demand web seminar to discover more about RTDD and learn how to:

  • Use tagging and annotations to customize your test code
  • Easily filter big test data and drill down into specific failures per test, per platform, per result, etc.
  • Eliminate flaky tests by providing real visibility into failures
  • Use Jenkins and its Slack plugin to filter reports and quickly communicate status, allowing for data-driven decisions

On-Demand Webinar
Format: Presentation & Demo 
Duration: 50 minutes

Reporting test-driven development (RTDD) is an innovative approach to agile testing that helps you write and implement tests with the end in mind (i.e., the test reports). RTDD puts structure, governance, and advanced capabilities into your test automation strategy.

Guest Speakers:

Eran Kinsbruner
Mobile Technical Evangelist
Tzvika Shahaf
Director of Product Management

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