Mobile App Testing on Real Devices

Ensure a great user experience when you use Perfecto’s Continuous Quality Lab. Test real devices, in real locations, under real user conditions.

  • Test on real devices

    Deliver a consistent user experience on any device, anywhere, anytime. Don't rely on emulators.
  • Find issues sooner

    Fix bugs earlier in the development cycle when it's less costly.  Release new features faster.

  • Get 5-star app ratings

    Improve your app reviews and the business value of your digital platforms.

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Why Perfecto?

It's simple. We're the best cloud-based digital quality test lab for enterprises that need secure access to real devices, but that's not all. Below are just some of the benefits of our Continuous Quality Lab.

  • Test Every Digital Experience

    Test web and mobile apps on multiple devices, browsers, networks, locations and OSs in the cloud. No emulators. No waiting. Test real-user conditions based on your user personas using Wind Tunnel.

  • Instant-on, Always-on Lab 

    Cloud-based access gives you and your team the ability to test anytime, from anywhere, which means increasing velocity and releasing better mobile apps.

  • Get Enterprise Grade Service

    All devices, whether hosted privately or publicly, are managed in highly secure global data centers located worldwide. Our customers also benefit from dedicated on-boarding and support services.

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