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Continuous Testing has undeniably become imperative—especially now that 97% of organizations have adopted Agile and 71% are practicing or adopting DevOps. Still, most enterprises struggle to set a mature, sustainable Continuous Testing process in place.

his eBook will help you chart the most effective path to an optimized Continuous Testing process, as well as measure your progress in terms that your business cares about. It covers:

  • The top 3 roadblocks to long-term Continuous Testing adoption in enterprise testing environments
  • A phased strategy for building a sustainable Continuous Testing process that overcomes these roadblocks
  • KPIs you can use to assess the progress made at each step of the Continuous Testing journey
Download now to understand what specific steps are required to advance your organization’s Continuous Testing initiatives and how to quantify progress in terms of speed, quality, and cost benefits.

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