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Smart Reporting: Analyze and Tag Test Failure

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Perfecto Smart Reporting Demo

Get a guided tour of Perfecto’s Smart Reporting and all its capabilities. In this live demo, you’ll see how Perfecto’s continuous testing visibility can provide fast and smart feedback in a single pane of glass. This provides effective triaging of your testing data.

In this quick, 30-minute demo, you'll:

  • Get a guided tour of our report library list for effective triaging (slicing-and-dicing of big data).
  • See how you can achieve noise reduction through automation detection and AI-based classification of errors and failures.
  • Look at our cross-platform visual validation dashboard which allows for a quick understanding of functional/UI defects.
  • See our single test report for detailed root-cause analysis with a rich set of artifacts.

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Thursday, September 19th
1:00 p.m. EST
30 minutes