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Best Practices to Solving the Top Digital Test-Automation-At-Scale Challenges

Automation is a key requirement in DevOps – not just for testing activities but the entire release processes. However, the 2017 World Quality Report has shown that only 16% of tests are automated.

Whether you are in dev, test or operations, this eBook helps you solve the 5 key challenges teams face in scaling up their automation and provides recommended practices for implementation.  You will learn practical advice on how to release fast and with high quality consistently.

Here's What's Inside!

Align with Your Team
Releasing fast and with quality repeatedly is an entire products team objective. Learn how to get everyone on-board.

Challenges Every Team Faces
Finding it hard to automate and maintain new tests? Struggling with test suite flakiness? We can help with that.

Is Your Tool Stack Ready?
In the digital test automation landscape there is a shift towards modern open-source test frameworks. Can your test automation tool stack keep up?

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