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3 Tools to Help You

Achieve Agile Development and Faster Feedback

Buildng awesome apps isn’t as easy as people think…how do you code, test, and deliver at high velocity without compromising quality?

With the goal of increasing build speed and test coverage, this 3-part guide will uncover how high performing teams from Amazon, Google and CapitalOne reduce test flakiness, improve coverage, and maintain a high-speed test-driven validation process.

Here's What's Inside!

Eliminating Flaky UI Tests
Improve the reliability of your continuous delivery process by stabilizing UI testing through a clear definition of test stability and guidelines to help you create and maintain a suite of stable tests.

Fitting More Quality into Each Build
Improve quality and velocity by reducing re-work through fast feedback on code changes.

Key Concepts in Test Maintenance
Maximize the impact of feedback from testing on early development cycles and fight technical debt at the same time.

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