The Ultimate
Test Coverage Toolkit

3 Free Tools to Help You Create a Custom Test Strategy

As more brands connect with users digitally, it’s getting harder to ensure a great user experience across all platforms. That’s why we created a toolkit to help you create a comprehensive mobile and web test strategy that reflects your users.

Here's what's in the Toolkit!

Get an overview of the key mobile devices, operating systems and browsers you should be testing on for you specific geographic area.

A data-driven web tool that generates a customized list of the best devices to test on in a matter of seconds.

An eBook that provides a "how to" for creating a comprehensive test coverage strategy. It's ideal for this multi-platform digital age.

Why did we create this toolkit?

We understand that mobile app development teams continue to struggle with the question of which digital platforms to test their app against. We think this collection of actionable tools and assets will help you create and constantly maintain a test strategy that will keep up with the fast pace of devices, browsers and operating system releases.

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