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Factors Reference Guide: Edition 10
A Reference Guide for Cross-Platform Testing Strategy

As new versions of smartphones and devices continue to flood the market, the permutations of operating systems, browsers and devices that DevOps teams must consider for testing is higher than ever. Factors is here to help.

In our tenth edition, we'll help you to plan your test lab by showing you what devices should be important to you. Plus, you'll get insights for the year ahead. Download the guide now and you'll get:

  • Our 2019 mobile and web browser release calendar
  • Proven methodology to align cross platform testing into the development cycle
  • Recommendations on what devices and browsers you must include in your test lab
  • Data insights for 20 countries

What's Inside?
Digital quality matters more than ever and your organization needs to test for the entire digital market - mobile, web and IoT.

Mobile Market & Web Browser Calendars
Plan ahead your test lab and be the first to know which platform, operating system version, browser and devices to test on.

Device, OS and Browser Trends
Create a comprehensive test strategy that focuses on the most relevant digital platforms.
Data Insights for 20 Countries
Get current market usage data and trends about the top devices, web browsers and operating systems across North America, EMEA and APAC

Mobile & Web Browser Release: 2019 Calendar

Predicting the mobile and web browser market doesn’t have to be hard! Plan ahead your test lab and be the first to know which platform, operating system version and devices to test on.

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